Whilst it might not be able to compete with Iceland on a geological features level, The Faroes have their own North Atlantic charm and interestingly have been little used by productions to date. It actually has a remarkably similar geology to Iceland, but with shoot costs coming in at a fraction of the price. Transport links are good, with regular direct flights from Denmark (1 hr), which in turn is extremely well serviced.  The Faroes might struggle to service a huge studio picture without bringing in a load of kit by boat, but for smaller productions and stills shoots, it has everything you require locally.

We've shot here several times now and can't wait to see this magical place discovered further.  Currently there aren't any local production service companies,  however Allingham Production has network of local contacts to help organise any size production to the level of service you would expect.

A small sample of locations is on show below, but please contact us for more images and to discuss shooting in this unique location.