Belgium has all the good stuff that you already know; The canals of Bruges, Ghent with its majestic architecture and Brussels hosting some of the most fabulous Art Nouveau architecture in the world. But this sleepy country also hosts a fascinating rust belt, a legacy of Europe's recent industrial past in the form of huge derelict power stations and factories giving post-apocalyptic locations to rival anything in the world. 

Apart from that, the Belgians have also offered up a rather large tax break - up to 42%. You'll need a local producer, which we can help with and there are rules and regs as to what needs to be local or not, but essentially it's a tempting offer and more and more productions are running a portion of their shoot here.

If your production is too small to qualify for the tax break, you can at least profit from the Schengen agreement, by bringing in cheaper crew and facilities from Luxembourg.

Take a look at our snapshots the rust belt and give us a call to discuss shooting here.